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Fifty and Fierce: A Single Woman's Guide to Owning Your Life


Hitting your late 50s and flying solo? Prince Charming haven't swept you off your feet lately?

Ditch the damsel-in-distress narrative, darlings, because this is your time to unleash your inner rockstar!

Forget the tired talk of midlife crises -  we're about to ignite a fire that'll put a supernova to shame.

woman at ocean

Sure, there might be a few detours along the way, but challenges are just stepping stones to even greater adventures, right?

Craving a Netflix marathon? Go for it! No more remote wars -  the couch is your throne, and your favourite shows await your royal command.

Plus, you're the queen of your financial freedom. Managing your money solo means you craft your own budget and indulge in the things that truly spark joy (sayonara, unnecessary compromises!).

Now, the real fun begins! Unleash your inner explorer and embark on an unforgettable journey. Whether it's conquering a mountain peak or savouring the culinary delights of a bustling city, the world is your oyster, and you're the ultimate tastemaker.

Yearning to sharpen your mind?  Sign up for that pottery class that's been calling your name!  Or finally master fluent Italian -  forget sounding like a lost tourist, let's turn you into a conversation maestro!

women with sunset

And your career?  Who says you can't dominate the professional world? Launch the business you've always dreamed of or climb the corporate ladder like a boss. The sky truly is the limit!

Life isn't just about work and play, though. Take some time to savour the simple pleasures.  Nurture a flourishing garden or unleash your inner Picasso and wield your paintbrush like a magic wand.


Speaking of magic, let's talk about the power of sisterhood.  Surround yourself with phenomenal women who inspire you to reach for the stars.  Together, you'll laugh until your sides ache, offer shoulders to cry on, and conquer every obstacle, one empowering glass of wine at a time.

Family time? Gather your chosen tribe, be it blood relatives or the fabulous friends you've collected along the way. Create memories that'll outlast even the sleepiest hibernating bear.

woman black and white

Feeling the call to give back?  Get involved in your community! Lend a helping hand at the animal shelter or join a book club dedicated to devouring your favourite literary treasures (okay, fine, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea!).

So, my fellow single queens, let's raise a glass to embracing our independence and reinventing ourselves like the warriors we are! Are you ready to catch this wave of awesomeness? Buckle up because we're about to make magic happen!




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