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Sir, I am embarrassed for you.

Updated: Mar 4

Sir, you are a disgrace. I am embarrassed for you for the moronic comments you have made.

Girl in ocean

So, let me fill you in on the story. Ian Grace, a local guy on the Gold Coast, who has been nominated for some local awards – apparently, he is a charity boss – has an issue with bikinis. I say apparently because I have never heard of the man and after some research, I don’t have much more information to offer on him than he is a Gold Coast local, and he works in the not-for-profit sector.

Seeing bikinis on the beach – or anywhere else as the matter of fact – offends him. He tried to wrap his argument in the usual “women are cheapening themselves” phony ethical rubbish, but I doubt if anyone bought it. I certainly did not.

Bikini girl

He uses words like “family” in a way that would make you think that we live in the 1950s. “Family” has no issues with G-strings on the beach. Why? Beautiful women support other beautiful women (and all women are beautiful) no matter the shape, size, age or plumpness of their behind. Men of all ages (maybe except you, Mr Grace) will definitely enjoy the sight. And children will not care. Trust me. Aliens – if around – might abduct a few of these beauties, but that certainly cannot be blamed on Ian.

Seeing G-strings and naked bums makes him feel uncomfortable. Well, welcome to the current century, Sir. We have fought long and hard to attain the rights we have now, and I’m not even talking about voting, or as the matter of fact, wearing whatever we damn please. I’m talking about not having to put up small minded people like Ian, who, I bet you, would prefer to have us confined to the kitchen.

Bikini girl in water

I would love for him to go to Europe where women go to the beach topless. And let me break it to you, no one has an issue with that. What makes Ian think that men are the only ones to have this right? I remember landing in Australia in 1996 and taking my top off at Cottesloe Beach. It was easy and natural and comfortable. Then I was told that it is not recommended to do in Australia. And now this man is trying to go after my bikini bottom? You got a fight on your hands, Sir.

Then he had the audacity to make the following statement; “don’t show everything you got, and then say don’t treat me as a sexual object.” Oh, are we blaming the victim now, not the perpetrator? How dare you.

We have the right to show everything we got and not be treated as sexual objects, but treated with respect. End of story. Ian's argument is extremely flawed.

Then he tries to go after tight active wear. Honestly, for a second, I thought he ingested something he was not meant to have.

Man on bike in G-string

Then the interviewer asked, what if men would do it?

Well, do I want to see men in tight lycra every day? Not particularly, but I like that they do as they please and give criticism the finger.

They are there, riding their bikes and sitting next to me in coffee shops. Do I want to see men in budgie smugglers on the beach? You bet. It tells me that no matter what size or shape, that man is comfortable about himself and that is an extremely attractive trait. But even if I do not like something, will I defend your right to do it? You bet I will.

 At one point Ian gets the question: Does your wife agree with your opinion? His answer: "Well, we are apart now. "

Why am I not surprised at all?

Let’s get this straight, you will never catch me in a G-string bikini, but I will march by your side to protest for you to be able to wear it if you’d like. No matter your size, gender or shape, if you have cellulite or not. Just go for it sisters and brothers. Whatever makes you happy. Life is too short to worry about people like Ian Grace.





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