VISIT A MUSEUM, and why it's good for your soul

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

Museums are magical places. (Just as libraries are too.)

They can take you to far away places, enchant you with stories you have never heard before, and show you life through someone else's eyes.

Next time when you decide to take a day off from life, instead of spending it in front of the TV, find a museum near you and just wonder around. Just see where the exhibits takes you. 

I love to wonder aimlessly, without structure, just go with the flow and see what catches my eye. 

Seeing beautiful pieces of artwork always inspire me to extend my own art collection.

Whenever I travel, I always try to fit in my schedule to visit a museum. The hardest part? Not to touch! Humans relate to objects by touching them, feeling their texture; this is what makes them real. And that is the one thing you cannot do at a museum. So, keep things for the eyes. 

In the end, just enjoy stepping into a different world and experiencing all the wonders that museums hold.

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