To MARKET to Market

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

Some people might think visiting a farmer’s market can be a bit of a hassle and it’s just a lot easier to get your groceries home delivered from one of the big supermarket chains. That might be the case when it comes to convenience, but farmers markets can be a lot of fun, and the quality of the produce you are buying is definitely different.

We have made a tradition out of going to farmers markets and here are a couple of good reasons why you should too.

  • It gets you out of the house and gets you moving. Walking around the market will be very beneficial to your health and adds to your exercise routine.

  • You pick the produce you are buying. You can feel it, choose it and there is something satisfying in that.

  • You are directly supporting the farmers who grow the fruit and vegetables.

  • The fresh produce at the farmers markets is exactly that; fresh! It has not been frozen for transport, it did not sit in a warehouse and very often it has been picked the same day you are buying it.

  • Besides fresh fruit and vegetables, you can generally find other great produce, like fresh home-made pasta, organic eggs, seafood, home-made cakes, breads and various arts and crafts.

  • The markets we go to also has coffee shops and live music and you can bring your dog along.

If you haven't visited a farmers market before, just give it a try. You might just find that you are getting drawn back there once a week.

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