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Ten Easy Steps to Throw The Most Amazing Picnic Ever

picnic food and wine

I’m going to confess, I’m not a picnic kind of woman (the same as I would much prefer to spend a night in a haunted house rather than go camping); somehow having to rely on the elements does not appeal to me. Just as spending the night in a sleeping bag, not having my private bathroom with running hot water, air conditioning, heating, etc. Ok, I’m spoilt, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, writing about how to throw the perfect picnic is somewhat unusual, but if you stick with me, I will show you that it can be done it style and comfort. I have even surprised myself when I organised a picnic for my husband (he wasn’t my husband back then), many years ago in Kings Park in Perth, and it turned out to be somewhat of a hit.

picnic bag with champagne and glasses on grass

So, here are your ten steps to surprise someone you care about and do it with as much style and comfort as possible.

1.       Find the perfect spot. 

This is probably the hardest, as nowadays we are spoilt for choice, but there are many things to keep in mind. You want something with a nice view, but you want it relatively private. Nothing will spoil a romantic picnic than kids kicking a ball around you while you are trying to relax. I will go as far as saying that I will compromise on everything else until there’s no one around. But, it is still possible to find a great spot that’s private. Avoid anywhere with outside barbecues, playgrounds, instead opt for somewhere relatively unknown.

2.       Decide the date and the time. 

Believe me, if you can, you want to avoid a Saturday or a Sunday. I know this is not always possible, but this is when finding the perfect location is so extremely important. The busier the day, the more you need to be selective with where you go. I love a weekday picnic, whether during the day or in the evening; a lot less people around and you won’t have to stress about weekend traffic. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and be flexible. Reschedule if the conditions are not right. Nothing can spoil a great time than a sudden thunderstorm or sweating in hot and humid conditions.

picnic with wine in a misty forest

3.       If you can, try to visit the location a week or two before you go, on the same day and at the same time. 

This will give you a very good idea on how many people are around and what the atmosphere be like. Make sure that there are no events booked in for that location when you are planning to visit. You can just imagine rocking up and there are fifty kids doing a treasure hunt, or a wedding is taking place.

4.       Get some chairs and a small table that are easy to transport, or, a classy and comfy picnic rug. 

Please avoid the run-of-the-mill picnic blanket that is as comfortable and riding on a hedgehog with your bare bottom. You will feel every grass seed and go home with the landscape printed on your behind. You can find some really nice thick rugs that you can just pop in your washing machine after you're done and it will be ready for the next time. And if I want to be really superficial (well, I think of these things because I think they are important), pick a neutral colour, so it’s not an eyesore and it doesn’t take away from the beautiful scenery that you have so carefully chosen.

picnic on the river with fruit and bread

5.       The one thing you want to splurge on is an amazing wine. 

A great bottle of drop will make your picnic unforgettable. Wine, champagne, or whatever else you drink (hey, I have even done cocktails on a picnic), this is the one thing that you want to choose carefully. And I am going to say it; don’t take cheap wine to a picnic. This is the highlight, pick accordingly.

6.       Please please please avoid plastic plates, cutlery or glasses. 

For the love of god, just no. A couple of years ago I was gifted a picnic bag with proper wine glasses, plates, linen napkins, and stainless steel cutlery. It is divine and I found you can actually buy these, they are not even expensive. Just get one and even if you only use it once a year, it will still be really worth it. I just keep mine in my storage area under the stairs and it is too easy to grab and just go when needed. Yes, I know, you need to pop them in the dishwasher when you get home and the napkins need to be washed, instead of just throwing the plastic items out, but plastic is horrible for the environment, so besides staying classy, you are also doing your part by being environmentally friendly. (I am proud of you!)

pairing cheese, fruit and nuts
How to pair cheese, fruit and nuts

7.       Don’t go crazy on the food. 

Trust me, please more tend to nibble at picnics than looking for a proper meal. Quality before quantity. I normally take a cheese board, some fruit (grapes, berries, etc.), some crackers, and maybe a salad. Things that are easy to eat and you won’t have to be rolled to the car afterwards. If you want to include dessert, macarons are a good idea, or anything that is bite-size, like petit fours, mini cakes; something that you can just pop in your mouth in one go. Trust me, no one wants a heavy Russian cream cake or a black forest at a picnic.

8.       Dress the part. 

Find the right balance on what to wear; you will look ridiculous in both a ballgown or sweatpants. Consider if it is easy to move in, sit in, be comfortable, but also stay classy. Jeans are not great as they are quite restrictive if you are going to sit on a rug, sportswear is inappropriate and anything too elaborate will look ridiculous. My go to outfits for a picnic are either some comfortable linen pants with a nice top, or a breezy summer dress that is easy to move around in.

Mountain picnic with wine and a view

9.       Have some fun with some games or a good book.

Yes, sometimes you can be very comfortable just to sit around, sip on a nice wine, have some food and chat, but you can also take some cards, or a simple game and have some fun. I’m a bookworm and my husband loves to play some games on his phone or just look at memes. We are extremely comfortable with to be in each other’s company without feeling the need to talk all the time – him scrolling on his phone and me reading a book just works for us fine.

10.       Want to make it super special? 

Who says you can’t decorate your picnic? Take some flowers, some lanterns if you are having a twilight picnic, or some candles. Always be very carful with an open flame, but I’m telling you, it can change the whole atmosphere.


Did I miss anything? Let me know here, and I will do a segment and will update this post and include your ideas here.






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