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Downsizing Delights: From Family Mansion to Townhouse Tranquillity

Updated: Feb 21


Guest writer

Marleen Roch

So, last year, I did something wild.

I packed up my larger than life-sized family home and traded it in for a cozy little townhouse.

And let me tell you, the journey from mansion to mini-palace was a rollercoaster of laughs (not that many), tears (lots) stress (levels I hadn’t known existed), and a whole lot of WTF moments.

Packing boxes

Picture it: me, a woman on the (wrong) right side of 50, flying solo in my newfound residence.

Living on my own for the first time ever, I must say, it's very nice.

Sure, there's the occasional spider scare and the eerie silence of an empty house, but hey, no more fighting over the remote or stepping on Lego pieces in the middle of the night. It's pure bliss, I tell ya!

One of the perks of downsizing?

No more endless hours spent taming the wild jungle that was my backyard. I no longer own a lawn mower, whipper snipper or any other gardening implement.

No more battling stubborn weeds or slashing through an overgrown lawn . Oh no, now I have all the time in the world to enjoy wine on my quaint little patio and watch the world go by. Ah, the serenity!

Marleen Roch with cocktail

Let's talk about stuff, shall we? My previous home was a treasure trove of memories, junk, cluttered with knick-knacks and other useless relics from the past 25 years. But as I embarked on the downsizing journey, I quickly realised that less is definitely more.

Out went the clothes that haven't fit since the '90s (let's be real, I'm never gonna be a size 10 again), the outdated CDs and DVDs, and the kitchen gadgets gathering dust in the pantry (when was the last time I cooked? I honestly can't remember).

Ah, the agony of parting with my beloved books! As a die-hard Kindle enthusiast, I faced a tough decision: hold onto my dusty literary classics or embrace the digital age with open arms? With a heavy heart (and a sigh of relief), I bid adieu to my paperbacks, knowing they'll find new homes where they'll be loved and cherished.

Now, let's talk about the financial side of things. Selling the family mansion and buying a new house solo? It was like navigating a minefield of paperwork and budgeting nightmares. And don't even get me started on the emotional rollercoaster of bidding farewell to a place that's been my sanctuary for the past quarter-century. But hey, with a trusty Gantt chart in hand (yes, I'm that organised), I managed to wrangle the chaos and emerge victorious. Sometime adulting can be really hard work.

Gabi Anderson Courtney and Marleen Roch

As I said my goodbyes to the old homestead, I expected tears, drama, and maybe even a bit of family melodrama. But you know what? It was surprisingly smooth sailing. We thanked the house for its years of service, shed a few tears, and then promptly moved on. Here's to the new owners, may they find as much joy and laughter within those walls as we did.

So, there you have it, folks. The highs and lows of downsizing from family mansion to townhouse tranquillity. It's been a wild ride, but hey, I wouldn't have it any other way. Cheers to embracing change and living life to the fullest, one laugh at a time!

Gabi Anderson Courtney and Marleen Roch

From Gabi

Gabi Anderson Courtney and Marleen Roch

I met Marleen in 2018 - we worked for the same company and my first interaction with her was an email that landed in my inbox her telling me why we can't do what I was suggesting for the company to do. There was no sugar coating, a just straight, down to the point "take it or leave it" email. I knew then that we will be friends and I wasn't wrong. Two Capricorns still going strong and once you get to know her, Marleen is a ridiculous amount of fun. I cannot imagine life without her. With her amazing life experience, great sense of humour and witty nature, I'm looking forward to handing some more pages over to her in the future.



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