Plastic Surgery

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

Plastic surgery seems to be a subject that the people who have no issues with it are generally quiet about it, and the people who are against it are very loud. And this makes it very problematic.

In an ideal world, you should be able to do whatever makes you happy, and until you do not hurt anyone else in the process, whatever you chose to do, it is your business. Well, sometimes it is not as easy as this. So, why do exactly people go under the knife?

There are certain things about the human body, that you cannot change any other way; no amount of exercise will change a big nose, Dumbo sized ears or thin lips. You cannot exercise away a double-chin. If you are happy to live with whatever you don't like about yourself, more power to you sister. But if you decide to change them, that is your decision, and yours only.

Most women who decide to have surgery don't do it lightly. So, when is it the right decision to go under the knife? Here are some very valid points;

  • Something you hate about your looks and it cannot be changed any other way

  • You do it for yourself only, and for no one else

  • It won't send you broke

  • You still want to look like you (not someone else), just a more improved you

  • This will give you self-confidence

And the wrong reasons?

  • Someone is pressuring you into doing it

  • You think that this will solve all your problems

  • You are overstretching the budget and might end up being in debt

  • You want to look like someone else

The bottom line is, if this is what makes you happy, don't let anyone talk you out of it. And don't let anyone judge you. Your life is yours to live and make decisions as you see fit.

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