Picky about HOME DECOR?

Here's a little guide on how to make your place a home

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

Got a view? Work with it and not against it. If you decide on curtains, keep them light without any heavy pattern, otherwise they will be a distraction.

Keep the decor clean and avoid clutter. Let the view talk for itself.

Don't be afraid to use dark colours. Most interior designers recommend you avoid them, as they tend to make any place look smaller, but you can always balance it out with the right accessories. 

Add some light or bright coloured cushions, some interesting artwork, flowers, and a big crystal chandelier. You have suddenly transformed your home into an interesting and elegant residence.

Pick your theme and stick with it. If you like your decor modern and luxurious, that is what every room in the house should reflect. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable in a country cottage, buy the furniture and everything else accordingly. If you love chandeliers, who says you can't put one in the bathroom? 

Make it yours. I mean really yours. Still yearning for that trip to Morocco? Style your place up with Moroccan lamps. Crazy about fashion? Fashion prints on the wall will make your house classy. People coming to visit should feel who the house belongs to.

Your bed is one of the most important piece of furniture you will buy, so choose wisely. You will spend a lot of time here, it must be super comfortable, so this is an item that you should splurge on. Accessorize with cushions, blankets, and don't forget the bedside table and lamps.

Unless you're a hermit, having friends over and entertaining at home if part of life. A nice dining table for dinner parties is a must. Once you set the tone, you can get quirky with the accessories. Not everything has to match, until the theme is consistent.

Organize, organize! I love nothing more than an organized home where everything has its place and everything is easy to find. From the walk-in robe, to the pantry, it's all perfection when it's organized. 

And finally, don't forget the outdoors! Ditch the old rattan furniture and design your outdoors as if it was indoors. You will find some amazing furniture that is weather-proof and stylish at the same time. Your outdoor space must be inviting and comfortable. You know you hit the spot when your guests head straight out when they come to your house.

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