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While you can't choose your family, you can certainly choose your tribe

lightning, storm

How to make the best of staying in when mother nature is raging outside

STORMY nights in

Living in Style, books, read

If you are not a bookworm yet, hopefully you will be one by the time you read this

BOOKS to live by

date night, legs, bags, heels

Date nights are the best and you should not do without them


market, shopping

Why you should visit a farmers' market and pick up some awesome produce


Woman Girl Curler Hairstyle Facial Expre

Marleen Roch tells us what it's like when the kids moved out of home


Lounge, home decor, interior design

Trying to make your house a home couldn't be easier, just follow these simple rules

Picky about HOME DECOR

champagne, drinks

Not all drinks are created equal

DRINK this, not that

prom, Lilla Anderson, Gabi Anderson Courtney

They born, you blink, you are organizing their 18th birthday party

Life with KIDS, and without them

food, dessert, chocolate, chef

Look out for the Chef, not the restaurant


cocktail, fairy floss, winter blues

And how to make the best of it (hint: yes, that is a cocktail)

WINTER blues

Gabi Anderson Courtney

I have done the legwork, now you can do it too

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