Life with KIDS and without them

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

They born, you blink, you are organizing their 18th birthday party. How did this even happen? I’m not sure if it’s different for boys, but I’m dreading the time my little girl will move out of home. It will happen though.

I remember when I moved out of home. I was just a bit over 18 and my mum cried. A friend of hers actually helped me move, but it didn’t make it any easier on her.

So how do we survive this whole process? There is a point somewhere, when they don’t rely on you that much anymore and want to be independent. Consider this; you would be worried if it wouldn’t be like this. This is the natural progress of life. You would be worried if at 30 they would be still living at home and would be relying on you for everything. I’m sure that this is not the life you want for your child, and as hard as it is to let them go, you will be proud when they stand on their own two feet. Trust me, they will be back with baskets of dirty laundry and to eat everything out of your fridge. And that’s a fact.

Now’s the time to concentrate on you. Take that trip you have always wanted, make time for your friends, take up a new hobby, check your social calendar and update it. Go out, have fun and discover life after kids. Don’t worry, this will all change again when you’ll have grand kids. And that’s a whole different story again.

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