Less is MORE

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

Do you ever wear your daughter's clothes? Seriously, do you? Of course not. 

Even if they fit, different generations have different styles and it would look confusing, ridiculous or just plain wrong.

In my twenties I used to wear everything. All at once. Madonna showed us the way with ten necklaces, all different styles.

I don't do that nowadays. Firstly because we don't live in the 80s anymore, and secondly because I learnt that most of the time, less is more. 

You can accessorize a lot more if you are wearing a black suit, and a lot less if you have a summer dress with a busy pattern. 

Haute couture is amazing, but it is playtime for designers and while some of the items on the catwalk are wearable, many of them are not.

Have you ever seen Iris Apfel wear something ridiculous? Of course not. Kris Jenner? Sharon Stone? Rene Russo? No, no and no.

Keep it simple, keep it classy and keep it fabulous.

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