by Gabi Anderson Courtney

I learned about Dr Lancer by picking up his book at a book store. The title caught my eye: "Younger". And reading it, I got hooked on the straight forward advice he gives about caring for your skin.

I always believed that days spas are for pampering, but when it comes down to serious business, talk to your dermatologist. And I always have.

So after reading the book, I ordered the products and trust me, it was not easy first. I like to go straight to the source and back then, Dr Lancer only delivered to the States. (This has now changed and delivery is available to Australia.) So, the first time, I ended up ordering his skin care set from the UK. 

The Lancer method is easy to follow and will change your skin to the extent that you will hardly believe. But the key is, you have to follow it, and not make short cuts.

These products are still part of my beauty routine and I now I wouldn't know what to do without them. And once you try them, I'm sure you will feel the same way.

You can shop Dr Lancer's products here

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