FREEDOM! The whole  house is now MINE!

by Marleen Roch

Good bye, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Tot ziens, Arrivederci…..Love yyyoooouuuu!!!!  

I waved, blew kisses and jumped around like a crazy person as the red hatchback pulled out of the driveway. Mr 22 had finished jamming everything he owns into the car and set off to his new share house. With a car full of guitars, clothes, pots/pans and records and the mattress tied to the roof, he sped off into adulthood.

Freedom, that’s the last one out of the house, the whole house is now MINE!

It’s not the first time he has moved out and then back in. The last time being “it’ll just be for a few weeks”, over a year ago.

But it feels different now, dare I say lasting?

Surely, this is it, he must be an adult now. My maternal role is over, job done- “thanks mum- will you forward my mail to my new address?”  

While we have both successfully moved on from making school lunches and bedtime stories, I will continue to be asked for a money donation whenever there is a budget crisis. The bank of mum never closes its doors.

Our mother/son dynamic was becoming strained, neighbours could hear me yell:

“Just do the fu@k#ng dishes will you!!” and

“Turn that music down, I can hear you down the street!!” despite this, we do generally get along well.

I will enjoy meeting him for lunch or a ‘cheeky pint’ on a weekend afternoon to catch up on how things are going for him, the band, the girl and the job.

He has inherited plenty of my common sense genes, he is employed, has loads of creative interests and happy with his lot in life, so he will be fine. He can cook and use a washing machine. Unfortunately, he is just not able to identify anything which requires cleaning.

The house is now quiet and still. I am sure the neighbours are missing him also.

Mr 22 is a talented chef and enjoys creating healthy vegan meals. However, the concept of ‘clean as you go’ never did get cemented into his otherwise fine culinary techniques.

He would often come home with a box full of vegetables from the local farmers market and pantry staples from the Asian supermarket. The fridge would be full with all manner of weird food and mason jars of fermenting cabbage.

Now that it’s just me, the fridge only stores the essentials in life: a supply of water, wine and cat food.

The kitchen bench is now clear and stays clean. The stove top is once again sparkly and shiny after it was scrubbed and polished post departure. There are no longer food scraps on the floor or in the sink plug hole.  

Mr 22’s old bedroom is clean and no longer has that awful boy smell. The scuff marks on the walls removed, windows and blinds cleaned. I could rent the room out…..If there was a market for Airbnb in the outer suburbs.

It’s just me and the cat in the house which is now far too large for just the two of us. It’s a luxury many people will appreciate and some will never experience.

I love leaving the house in the morning and then returning in the evening to find everything as it should be.

Neat and tidy and everything in its place.

Its pure bliss.  

This is the reward for all those years of the endless and never-ending task of attempting to have a house which is somewhat organised and tidy.

There are still plenty of reminders of Mr 22, such as the full-size drum kit in my spare room which I am promised will be collected soon.

Marleen Roch is a corporate manager specializing in quality control in the human services sector. She is the manifestation of a strong woman who can do anything, and is not afraid of doing it alone. As an exceptional leader, her success is not a surprise.

Watch out for more posts from Marleen in the future.

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