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Why you should keep an eye on the Chef and not the restaurant

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

Photo by House of Gabi at C Restaurant

Photo by House of Gabi at Beccaria Restaurant

Have you ever gone to your favourite restaurant to find that suddenly the menu has changed and, well, it's not that great anymore. Most likely it has something to do with a change of Chefs. All Chefs have their own personality, favourite dishes to prepare and how they like to plate meals. 

And in my books, that is the difference between a Cook and a Chef. Restaurants that proudly display their Chef's photo on their website are the places that you want to try out. Chefs are allowed to experiment with dishes, vary them to their own  quirks and constantly innovate.

A friend of mine frequently goes to restaurants and orders and entree, a main and a dessert and always lets the Chef pick what he eats. He has never been disappointed.

It is a bit different when you are on a specific diet, but I have never had a issue finding something I can eat in any restaurant. If you advise your requirements, it will allow the Chef to stretch their muscle and come up with something extraordinary.

And in the end, don't forget to let the restaurant know if you enjoyed your meal.

Photo by House of Gabi at The Kitchen on Cambridge

Photo by House of Gabi at Fenians Pub

Gabi with the Chef of Mercure Perth and the Chef of Kitchen on Cambridge

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