by Gabi Anderson Courtney


The Island of the Gods. What a magical place this is. I have never been to any other place that is like Bali.

The fragrance of Frangipanis linger all over the island. The people are friendly, the cuisine is fresh and everything is full of flavour, the sunsets are out of this world, and your spirit will soar. 

Bali is pure, and full of wonders. Behind every street corner is another sparkle of magic.

Your soul will glow on this island.


Hungary is elegant, classic and stylish. History dating back over 1100 years, it is one of the oldest countries in Europe. 

You will find amazing architecture, churches dating back to the fourteenth century and real old world charm. 

Come for the spectacular night lights, stay for the culinary delights, the castles, the fantastic selection of wines, the great array of cultural events, and the many friends you will find here.

Your soul will find magic.


Welcome to the land of skyscrapers, sand dunes and enticing culture.

A beautiful mix of dreamy landscapes, glamorous architecture and golden desert dreams keep this place as one of the must see destinations. 

Seek out the culture, the traditions, the locals, and immerse yourself in the magic that Abu Dhabi has to offer. 

You never really leave this place, it will always stay with you, as a part of you will always stay in Abu Dhabi. And you will find that the tiny piece of your soul that you have left behind, will keep calling for you to come back.

Your soul will be enchanted and will dream.


Paradise found.

While happiness might visit other places from time to time, this is where it lives. Here you breathe in pure joy and exhale all your worries. 

The waters are crystal clear, the sun always shines, and soon you will adjust to "Bahama-time". Whatever happens in the world, this place seems to have a natural barrier against negative energy. Just go with the flow, get to know the locals, explore, swim, dance, have a cocktail, and your soul will find beauty here.


There is nothing that I don't love about Mexico. 

The food, the drinks, the music, the energy, the culture; this place was born from fire.

Mexico will light that flame inside you and take you for a ride to discover your passion. This place will show you who you really are.

And remember, any decisions made here, must be done seated at the table with friends with tequila in hand.

Your soul will find comfort.

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