Drink This Not That

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

Water - YES

And lots of it! Sparkling water, flat water, they both do amazing things for your body. Pop in a slice of lemon for some extra zing.


But limit your intake for two cups a day. Best enjoyed with almond milk.

Green Tea - YES

Any other tea is fine, but again, limit your intake for two cups a day. On the other hand, drink as much green tea as you like. Best enjoyed with honey and a splash of lemon juice.

Milk - NO

Milk will do to you what it is designed to do for the calf; fatten you up. Dairy products produce mucus and there is nothing in milk that you can't get from another source. Substitute with almond milk.

Soft drinks - HELL NO

Nasty stuff packed with sugar (or even worse; aspartame), chemicals, artificial colours and flavours. Just say no.

Coconut Water - YES

I know, it tastes like water someone drank then regurgitated, but it is incredibly good for you.

Almond Milk - HELL YES

Best substitute for any milk, and it is actually good for you.

Fruit Juices - IT DEPENDS

If you prepare it yourself from fresh fruit, it's fine, but most shop-bought products contain sugar and other nasties.

Energy Drinks - NO

See Soft Drinks above.

Beer - NO

If your aim is to put on weight and ruin your skin, then go for it.


Go for a dry wine instead of a sweet one, chose organic and limit your intake.


Vodka with sparkling water, tequila, an occasional spirit of anything else, on the rocks - yes. Cocktails; occasionally acceptable if does not include any carbonated drinks. Give mixed drinks a miss (gin and tonic, whisky and coke, etc.)

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