What I do the DAY AFTER I come home from vacation

by Gabi Anderson Courtney

Spend time with the pets.

Generally, our pets go in to a doggie hotel while we're away; I always book the deluxe accommodation for them, and while I know that they are very well looked after, it does not make me miss them any less.

I love spending time with them when I get home, and it helps them settle back into the home routine.


I tend to buy a lot of things while away, I look for things that are unique to the area or items that I cannot buy where I live. Which means that when I get home, I have to find a spot for all the new additions.

While it's fun most of the time, it is also quite time consuming.

Visit a Day Spa.

I generally book in before I leave knowing how much I'll need it when I get back. A massage, a facial and skin purifying treatment will work wonders after a long plane ride and the stress your skin has been put under while away.

Buy some flowers for the house.

I always have some fresh flowers at home, they make a house a home, and nothing says more "I'm home" than fresh flowers everywhere.

Plan the next trip.

The planning between trips will keep you going and you will always have something to look forward to. I love being organized and don't leave much to chance, but I have always loved to travel this way. Having said that, if you prefer to travel on a light itinerary, you can still lay the foundations for the trip.


I love reading, that's my downtime, and I find that it is a very relaxing activity for the day after getting home.

Relax in general.

Don't overdo it. You need time to adjust being home. Watch a movie, read, do whatever you do for relaxation, or do nothing at all.

Go out for a drink.

This is the perfect way to extend your vacation just that little bit. You are still on holiday-time, take advantage of it.

Take a bath.

Having a bubble batch is very relaxing and it's the perfect way to finish the day. Light some candles, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy.

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