Specializing in Human Resource Management, Project Management

and Business Development

Local and Global Recruitment

Talent acquisition is not always as straight forward as advertising a position, reading resumes, conducting interviews and finding the right candidate. My solutions are customized to the needs of your business, as well as to fast-changing industries and global markets.

Global access, advanced specialization and proactive talent acquisition form the centrepiece of my approach, collaborating with people both locally and around the world, to deliver highly skilled professionals to fill the most prestigious professional and technical positions. My success finding the right talent originates from unparalleled market knowledge, possession of an elite global network, and an unwavering drive to achieve the desired results for my clients.

Whether you're looking to fill a position, acquiring specialised talent confidentially, looking to engage a non-local candidate’s expertise, having difficulty to find the right employee, or simply don’t have the time for the recruitment process, I will have a customised solution for you.

I combine broad geographic presence, world-class talent solutions, and a tailored, consultative approach to help your business achieve higher performance and outstanding results. Personalized service and access to the "unadvertised" local and international job market is one of my strength, from crafting first-time solutions to managing ongoing hiring projects.

I deliver sophisticated, cost-effective talent solutions to organizations large and small, combined with an extensive national and international network of candidates, my proven search process allows me to find the very best talents for your human resources recruitment needs.

Employment Law and HR Legal Matters
employment law

Employment law governs the rights, duties and responsibilities between employers and employees, and it exists to protect the rights of both parties. My goal is to help my clients understand their rights, to empower them to protect their interests, and to advocate on their behalf.

Employment laws in Australia are based on federal and state constitutions (FairWork Australia), legislation, administrative rules, and court opinions. A particular employment relationship may also be governed by contract.

While I am not a lawyer, but a HR specialist, I have thorough understanding of employment law and all legal matters relating to human resources. If necessary, I also have a law firm that I frequently partner with to collaborate when it comes to litigation (although these cases are rare, and only used as a last resort).

A number of workplace matters can arise in employment law cases, such as employment agreements, worker's compensation, discrimination and harassment, compliance issues involving OH&S, and many more.

I am dedicated to provide accurate advice and represent my clients with passion, while advancing their goals and protecting their rights.

HR audit

A HR Audit is a systematic, detailed and comprehensive method to review a business’ human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to ensure full compliance, identify any needs for improvement and prepare a plan to move the business’ HR systems forward.

The HR audit entails of measuring and assessing current HR practices, comparing current HR methods with legal requirements, identifying risks and disadvantages, making recommendations, setting improvement goals, and providing support with the process afterwards. The general review items are company policies and procedures, employment contracts, award pay rates, leave entitlements, employee records, training and development, employee relations and communications, performance management, recruitment and HR practices and workers compensation, but exact details will depend on the company’s business, size, past HR history, and special requirements.

I am dedicated to ensure that my clients’ companies are operating to their full potential, fully compliant with all HR laws and legislations and that the HR function is aligned with the organization’s strategic direction.

People are the lifeblood of a business. If your HR function is failing on any level, it can show in many ways and form; large staff turnover, unhappy employees (which will have an effect on your clients as well), low morale, inadequate productivity. An audit will identify the exact details that need to be changed or improved to ensure that your business functions to its full potential.

HR Project Work
HR project work

It can be challenging to establish the HR function for a new business, or for even for an established business and the most efficient in-house HR departments to take on new projects. Especially if they are already working at capacity, or if the request is outside their scope or skillset. I can assist on a per-project basis, with solutions customized around your specific needs.


Delivering a successful HR project can depend on many components; delivering, supporting and monitoring a number of people strategy initiatives, building leadership capability and providing leadership effectiveness support, advising on HR topics including culture, talent, performance, reward, organisational design, capability to support high performance, and resolving issues.

I can plan and execute the delivery of the overall program, develop the project budget and operating model to supporting the program, deliver an end to end implementation, work with external vendors to ensure the project stays on track, and maintain an accurate and up-to-date view of deliverable outcomes.

I can also help with a variety of Human Resources Projects, including: creating or revising an Employee Handbook, writing or updating Job Descriptions, designing Performance Management Systems, developing customized compensation strategies and systems, employee relations investigations and cultural assessments.

General HR Management
HR management

General HR Management is managing your employees through a flexible, comprehensive offering of services. Everything you need from HR Toolkits, to benefits management, compliance, recruitment, employee training and more. For some of my clients, I am simply known as the HR department, and for others, I simply step in as needed on a case by case basis. Your business needs a HR consultant who understands your goals and can provide the knowledge, processes, and strategies you need to drive your organization forward and ensure you are compliant.

Human Resource Management can be complex and time-consuming, which is why you need a partner who understands your needs, and is committed to finding solutions that work for you. I offer a variety of HR services that are both cost-effective and completely customized for your business.

I provide HR consulting, outsourcing and management services to CEOs, business owners, and senior management to help them address and solve complex Human Resources issues. I use my broad experience to deliver innovative, tailored solutions that align employment practices and people strategy with an organization's business strategy.

The General HR Management solution is customized around your specific needs. From startups that want to outsource the entire HR function, to established organizations that already have a small HR department for the basics, but need assistance with more advanced HR responsibilities, I can provide HR solutions and expertise tailored to your business.

I offer clients both on-site and remote support for all human resources matters, including Policy Development and HR Compliance, Compensation Strategies and Administration, Benefit Design, Performance Management Systems and Performance Reviews, Training and Development, Recruiting, On-Boarding and Terminations.

Change Management and Strategy Plans
change management

Businesses constantly need to evolve in order to survive and grow. Initially, you can oversee everything yourself, keeping tabs on everyone to make sure everything is up to date and running as intended. But once you grow, you won’t have time to monitor changes, procedures and ensuring that everything is running as intended. This is where having a change management strategy can save you.

Change management is a way of making sure that any changes you make in your organization, team, or processes are applied and maintained effectively. Developing a change management strategy provides direction and purpose for all other change management activities. By outlining the unique characteristics of the change and its risks and potential resistance, I will set you, your business and your project up for success.

By analysing the changes you want to make and seeing how the rest of your company is affected, I can prepare your team in advance, and help guide them through the transition until the new method becomes routine. Whether you’re changing policies and procedures, updating work methods, hiring new staff, or starting a new project, everything can benefit from a solid change management strategy.

Having an effective change management strategy also helps your employees adapt to the changes that affect them, and will let them know that their voices are being heard, if an employee survey is incorporated in the strategy.

I can guide you through the process from the initial change request, planning, implementation, review and finally, making sure that the change is sustained.